Sestina of Inevitability.

She arrives home, mind filled

with dates, formulas, vocabulary words.

She wonders how One can be

in a world so busy, with a life

so utterly crazy...An immense pressure

weighs down, pressing onto every nerve.


She wonders how One could have the nerve

to take on the tension that Life

asserts. She wonders why the air pressure

has so much power over the words

the wind whistles and why the clouds must fill

with rain...How could this be?


And why should there be

such Inevitability in life?

Why should there be such forecasts filled

to the rim with rain? And minds reeling with pressure?

And stomachs aching with nerves?

And Everyone going back on their words?


It is said that insomnia, stress, peer pressure

fail to subside as One’s life

progresses. And that One continues to be

plagued by reality as the words

of the future prick, prod and cause internal nerve

damage. Inevitably, tear ducts become filled


to the rim with rain. Nerv-

ousness takes over. Life

takes a backseat. Anxiety applies pressure

to the body, forcibly filling

the mind and soul with threatening words

of what the next chapter will be.


And yet, She wonders why She should be

so heavily consumed in Her unshakeable nerves.

“I am young, still learning, still growing. Life

could still be worth living.” Her internal words

echo in Her mind and tentatively fill

Her heart to the rim with hope. And there goes the pressure.


Acceptance takes over and We remember that life

is brilliant, wondrous, enjoyable--filled

with moments of peace, where one can simply be.



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