I see my window and the light shining through, I smell the toast in the kitchen,

I feel the sheets on my bed, I taste the damp air,

I hear the singing birds. 


I see my beautiful best friend, I smell the school hallways,

I feel my backpack rubbing on my shoulders, I taste the cafeteria food,

I hear laughter.


I see my gym teacher, I smell sweaty bodies,

I feel the ache in my legs from running, I taste the sweat on my lip,

I hear laughter. 


I see my happy place, I smell imagination encased in literature,

I feel the worn bindings, I taste the knowledge pouring from the pages,

I hear whispers. 


I see the pavement on the way to my car, I smell freshly cut grass, 

I feel tired, I taste the mint I found from my backpack,

I hear laughter. 


I see the girls coming towards me, I smell the perfume from a mile away, 

I feel her fist as it meets my stomach, I taste the vomit rising in my throat,

I hear laughter. 


I see darkness and flashing faces, I smell blood, perfume, and vengence, 

I feel the pavement underneath my face, I taste blood and tears,

I hear laughter.


I see my bruises blooming across my body, I smell the dinner I don't want to eat,

I feel the aches in my bones and blood pounding in my head, I taste the salt coming from my tears,

I only hear the laughter. 


Poetry Slam: 
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My community
Our world
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