You call me selfish when I try to be selfless.

You say your trying, but you're always so careless.



I'm working hard to be someone I'm proud of.

You're working less to be just enough.



I always forgive the shit that you do,

Then you do something else, right on cue.



But sometimes I don't want to forgive,

I want to hold it, be angry, and be abusive.



I want you to hurt, like I'm hurting inside.

I want you to burden, and grieved and have cried.



But then I realize I'm becoming what you said.

A selfish, conceited, bitch on a thread.



That's not the kind of person I want to become.

A cold-hearted girl, who on the inside is numb.



So, I will let it go, just once more.

And hope you don't open that barley closed door.


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