Secretly in a Dark Place

I choose life over death. I choose living with the rest.

Fighting, fighting through hell. Ringing all these bells for help.

I need someone to hold on!

Give me a conversation. Be an Inspiration.

Everyone needs a little boost up.

Nevermind all the complications, just be here for me.

I wanna feel wanted, feel needed.

I wanna know everything is going great for me.

I want truth.

I want views.

I want responses that aren't rude.

I need someone, to hold on. Someone to fight for me.

We wear makeup everyday to hide all of our shame.

To change how we look just to fit in.

To feel wanted, needed, loved, and cherished.

I wear a smile everyday to hide all the pain.

No one recognizes the pain, the shame, the burden I hold every single day.

A mask to hide the pain.


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