Schizophrenic Dolls


United States
45° 4' 35.9256" N, 93° 12' 5.4648" W

Its blinking button eyes
Lashes Plucked
Clean conscience lies
Demons of possess
Its ragged red dress
Hides in the shadows; tireless
Awakened by the silver moon
Loom through loom
Its loose thread
Severed head

It's all in my head
It's all in my head

Through ears, they're banshee cries
Their painted pink lips
A poisoned kiss
Under my bed

It's all in my head

White pills smothered
Vertigo claims the soul uncovered
Pulse simmers in veins
Its cotton heart of lead
Hung over my bed

It's all in my head

Needle point sharpened
Eyes stitched shut
Teeth sunk in
Glass shards split the sternum
Stuffed with goat shed

It's all in my head

Scalding iron compressed to chest
Struggles consumes
The shrink in size
Full of dread

It's all in my head

Sunken sand
A hopeless hand
Words unsaid

It's all in my head

Something inside
Buried alive
Face down
Tips up
Left for dead
In an unknown bed

It's all in my head
It's all in my head
Its all in my.....
It's all....

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I know this poem can seem confusing. But basically I am the subject and I wake up in a fitful nightmare caused by prescription drugs to help schizophrenia. My childhood dolls in my room come to life like zombies and slowly, painfully transform me into one of them. I can only struggle so much but the pills keep me tranquilized. Then upon finishing they drag me to my grave where I lay lifeless and slowly start to lose everything that made me human. The underlining story is the superficiality of models and becoming apart of society's plastic dolls in order to be considered "beautiful" and in the process losing all individuality.

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