Scented T-shirts

She went back to her room where her favorite song was just ending at the best part.

The little twinkles that faded with a high D flat that made her emotions fall apart.  

The singers  voice was flexible, strong, young and very pretty.

When she sang, her heart sank and she got goosebumps as she grabbed her plush toy kitty

She had clearly matured considering she had just found a shirt that she wore every week

It was one of those cheesy shirts that had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with rosy cheeks

She remembered how much she'd beg her mom to let her go buy them when they were 2 for $27.

It wasn't really the context of the shirt it was mostly where she was in life at that time, childhood heaven

She was innocent then and only worry she had was puberty.

Now she's worried if her style will be accepted or how college will be.

But she has learned to not scared to wear what she likes anymore. She wears those mom jeans.

And has a certain appreciation for her mothers charro beans.

A glow-up is not a better person. A glow up is when you learn to love who you have become

The self confidence that will soon turn her into a college alum.

And that she, is me


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