Saying Goodbye

The Girl:


There he is,


standing in my door

with his cloak and scythe


His hand extends forward

reaching for my soul

am I truly ready

to let everything go?


I look at him

and see

my life and the future

right in front of me


I see a coffin being lowered

deep within the dirt,

my friends and family

crying, hurt


Why are they so sad

to see me this way

I’m not worthy to be cried for

wipe your tears away!


I re-enter my room

standing in the dark

ready to say Good-bye

ready for a new start


I love you all

I’ll miss you so

I’m sorry

but it’s time to go...


The Friend:


I get the call,

I cry.

The tears flow down

my eyes


I sit for hours questioning

if she’s really gone

I yell to the sky



So what?!

You escaped the hardships,

but what about us?! when you left,

you took with you our happiness


I cry. I cry. I cry,

so sad to hear the news

My head shaking furiously

denying the truth


I don’t believe it,

she was my best friend

why did her life

come to this sort of end?


I thought she was happy

she smiled so wide,

I didn’t know

she had that much to hide


God, bring her back

please, don’t let it be

the last of her

I’ll ever see


I’m hurt too

so torn inside

and behind my smile

is the pain I hide


She kept me going,


but now inside

I’m dying


I bet she thought

she wasn’t worthy

but truly, truly

I’m so sorry


It’s my fault,

I should have known

maybe if I spoke to her

she wouldn’t have gone


I look up at the sky,

wondering; wondering why

now all I can do is

cry and cry,

then, I have to say Good-bye.


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