Say No


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United States
United States

When one violin stands alone

If it can’t play a chord,

Then the string is plucked

Until it breaks


If this is how you feel pain                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

This is for you 


The ones who have overcome

Who know we can persevere and survive the worst

By breaking the chains that hold the lone violin down

For those who mend their broken strings

And continue to play their melody

This is for the victimized

For those who have walked upon the burning coals

Bare feet burned but told not to cry

For the ones who never thought they could put the pieces together again

For the ones who still find broken pieces of themselves everyday

This is for you


This is for the people who see children play,

Hear their laughter,

And know that they were once happy too

For the ones who seem to always be giving

But never receiving

This is for the abused


This is for the depressed

And for the happy who just can’t stand the fake smiles anymore

But continue with their own plastered on smile,

Painted mouths like circus clowns

And this is for the ones who will never know

What it’s like to cover up

And hide within themselves


This is for the ones who have been washed up

Like debris floating in from sea

Who know their memories to be nightmares

And know that people witness the flood behind their eyes

But don’t say a word

This is for those who turn a blind eye

And feel it not their business to interfere


Love and care

That stains skin like purple plums blossoming

Growing like the leaves of trees

Stretching, reaching to greet the sun

Never making their final escape

Cursed to turn color

And burn bright

Ablaze like fire

Spreading like disease across cities

Blackening everything in its path

In the eve of an elder autumn


This is for you now an angel in the sky

Never knowing what you did

Or why you’re so deserving

Freely earning

Love and care

Stains on skin like purple plums blossoming

Now fading to reveal the you

You once lost


Sending prayers to the clouds

Like wishes from dandelions

Roaring with the pain and hope of the used

This is for the abused

This is for days and lifetimes of smiles

All beginning with a no

This is for saying no to the devilish smiles of the caring liars

This is for fighting back

This is for showing the victimizer just how strong you’ve become

This is for letting go of fear

And grasping on to courage

The courage to end the suffering


This is for saying no

This is for saying no


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