Saving The World By Tomorrow

Sun, 08/24/2014 - 18:45 -- Mkymvp7


United States

I just want to help everybody

Save the world

But at times it gets overwhelming;

Chasing for paradise it gets cloudy,

We're taught to fight when it gets rowdy;

Ive done things I'm not proud of

Dont worry mom, I'll make you prouder

Delicate rose, just like a flower

Even though I got doubters

I'll overcome any obstacle, I believe anything is possible.


Problems are solvable, plausible;

Look through the optical

To get to the tropical, it's logical.

All ears on me.

No time for repeats, No time for defeat.

I believe that we're all the same species.

If you look through the pain and sorrow, there's none to borrow;

Same thing, different day, its just tomorrow.

There's always struggles, but that gets you stronger.

keep your hustle, stay positive.

Message in a bottle.

Keep hope; Play the lotto.

I got the perfect pitch; How about we all get rich;

The new motto


To anybody that doesn't have to prove themselves;

With a hollow tip

For a enemy to swollow

That ain't macho

So thats why I decided to save the world

By tomorrow.

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