Same Book

Tue, 10/16/2018 - 11:30 -- KaleeJo

I look at him

And he looks back at me

And I know we remember

I know we are both thinking of that time

Different pages

Same plot

That name

That name in which I will not say

Brings back memories

That don't even directly involve her


We were all somehow involved in

Different pages

Same chapter

You were there


And sexy

And he was there


And lonely

And she was here


And selfish

And I was here


And lonely

We didn't lean on each other in the beginning

We weren't even always completely fond of each other

We didn't completely understand each other

Different character

Same pages

Same hurt

Shown in a different way

But now we get each other

We have a silent agreement

That you

That her

And her

Are crazy

You all

Are on different pages

With the same ending

He and I

We are on

The same page

With a different ending

A happier one

One we choose

One we will grow into

This is the generation to escape her

Her who affected you

Who then affected us

We will not affect the people in our future

We will not let her blood

Spill into their story

We will not let our pain

Hurt them

We will be better

We must be better


We survived you

And we will continue



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