The Sailor and The Ship

The Sailor who callously masses the storm faults at the hand of God

As he inadvertently veils the damage to the stern, the responsibility is forgot.

Hindered by self-centered greed to cease such a storm is revoked from the eyes

A rainbow dies at the end, for nothing came to disarm (he hadn’t tried),

rather destroy.


The ship was left tethered to the ocean floor.


At sight, forlorn evoked,

What built what lost by the embodiment of a storm which failed to give mercy.

Detriment and regret lingered, provoked,

As the ability to forgive dissipated; the Sailor cursed God rather calm Percy.

It costed a ship and a dignity which had been ripped from a pride.

No longer could the Sailor stand he played sad songs on his flute, he cried.

But only the blind could hear.


He’d wish to be washed away by the storm and dead with the ship.

Happy as to be with the ship.

Dead as to be with the ship.


No mass to sail.

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