I hear a rumor

Passing in the wind

I move closer to hear.

The rumor is about me.

Yet again another individual

Caught in a web of lies

That makes others happy.

Hiding behind a mask

To make themselves seem better

Than face the truth,

Keeping themselves

From showing their true colors.

Don’t they see?

‘Being a hypocrite is ugly’

Or so they say

Do they realize that

They hide behind

The mask of hypocrisy?

Driving lies around someone

Who may commit suicide?

Drunken actions lead to sober thoughts

Driven by lust, drugs, sex,

And say ‘Cheers to the teenage years’

They’ll be affected later on

‘I hate her’ ‘Screw him!’

‘Go die’ ‘NO ONE LIKES YOU!!’

She dies, he’s depressed

No hope is there.

Having power over someone

Weaker is fun, right?

They die, what then?

Become sad because you

Didn’t have the chance to apologise?

Say sorry?

Regret comes when they are no longer living.

So, maybe the bully has issues back home,

The cheerleader isn’t perfect in the inside,

The bad boy of the school is just hidden.

Images define who we are,

Shattering others just to protect our own.

Stupidity comes in the from of violent words,

And terrorizing those you’ve never spoken to.

How does it start?

By a story, a whisper

A rumor.

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