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i like to dress for an imaginary girl(we will meet each other soon) by putting ona silk tie with subtle Chinese birdssewn in.she may be picturing me in her mirroras she applies exactly the necessary line
Damn, I just lost my fucking blade againCuts all on my thighs, what a fucked up work of art Broke the pencil sharpener today at schoolRipped the blade out and shoved it in my shoeWent home and locked the bedroom door
Never have I thought how I wanted to be loved. I have tested my language Only to find my excuse when people call me “slut” Because, actually, I just prefer physical touch. And now it is too late to ask
      I hear a rumor Passing in the wind I move closer to hear. The rumor is about me. Yet again another individual Caught in a web of lies That makes others happy.
Compassionate and kind. These are synonyms of the word humane. A word with a root thats names one of the most violent, disrespectful and unfair race of beings in this universe.
When we got the call that he ended it all My heavy tears flowed down my cheeks. My pen and paper took the pain as my hands shook.
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