i. you said they came with rocks

so i built a fortress for emotion

brick by brick from bitter lies

about how you thought it was,

to love a woman.


ii. i know how it feels,

to have been pursued;

never mind your

sympathies ー

dare you claim

the face of judgement,

sitting atop your high

horse named



when might ignorance

rear its ugly head?

for it is the fool

who must learn;

to be loved by a woman

is not the same as

loving one


iii. it was the divorce;

a tragic

demise to a

youthful thing

that made me,

yes... ー


i withstood your

blows, splintering

in slow motion

with a crack here

a crack there ー

i was glass in those days


iv. i tear open wounds

to bleed out my truths;

a rude awakening from

slumber, they ooze red in

filed lines, fleeing my

hands’ desperate bidding


v. you’ll be eaten alive

but you alone

were famished,

for society had already

its last supper

june 26, 2015;


didn’t you hear?

it was by invite



you hunger for

pain only to

c h o k e

This poem is about: 
My family


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