Rents due


I sit here afraid, hoping the phone calls go away.

"You owe us $750", pay right away they'll say.

Emails, alerts, calls, and texts

What's next?

My rent is due, and I have no more financial aid, or money

Right now it feels like the world is just a little less sunny

I fear being evicted from my dorm everyday

That is something no 18 year old college student should ever say

I have no car, no groceries, and a mind that is ready to succeed

Where is the finacial aid that I desperately need?

Its stuff like this that made me not want to go to college in the first place

It feels like I have no lungs, but I'm required to go run a race

I am breathless, my heart is pumping from all the stress

Sleeping is my only escape, but right now my mind cannot rest

My stepfather is locked up, and mother's hands are tied

Whoever said growing up is fun, lied.



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