Reminiscent Flames

You set a fire in me

But you didn't do it for me, you did it for yourself

I burned bright and warm for you

I let the fire consume me

But like all fires I burned out so you left.

It was dark again and I was alone

Mom always warned me about getting too close

The darkness was pure agony 

As the months passed however I began to see the light

I will burn again but not for you or anyone else

I will burn bright and warm for myself 

I do not need anyone to give me life

I give life to myself

I never want to be engulfed in someone's fire like that ever again

Burning for someone else is self destructive and I refuse to self destruct again

I will burn again and you will feel my warmth but if you ever try to get close to me again I will burn you

I am my own fire

I will pick myself up and only start fires for myself from now on

My fire has only just begun.


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