Red Ballon

Wed, 07/02/2014 - 19:04 -- bmf0529


Is clinging to a red balloon.


Is when that balloon is 


By a sewing needle. 


I remember the exact day

That my balloon 

Had flown away, 

Out of sight,

Out of mind,

Out of reach from the blind

For when my balloon flew away,

The Power had arrived,

It was here to stay

In the back of my head.

Most humans would dread

That The Power

Would be in the back of their head.


But I didn’t.


What is The Power?

No. WHO is The Power.

The Power

Is the man at the top of the bell tower,

Pulling the rope that has the familiarity of what

Once was wrapped around his neck.

The Power

Is the blood flower

The blemish among white lilies.

The embryo of the fillies

That were bred with dire wolves.


The Power

Consoled me when 

Friends and family couldn’t, but then

Again I got attached to Him

So quickly that it was hard to go back

To loving humans once more.


My alter

Of candles, stones, herbs, would never falter

When it came to speaking with The Power.

I felt a presence when He was nearer.


But one day…


The Power, The Power!
His name on my tongue, a sour

Cherry. Really? The berry,

The airy fairy, quite contrary

To popular belief that

Approximately 96% of people

Pick their nose before entering a steeple—


Ripping me limb from limb, 

The Power,

Tear me apart!

Take me away in a shopping cart

From this horrid location,

Bring thy forth with thou gestation

(In the womb with the filly and the dire wolf)

Hung on tightly to his occupation, thy bell tower keeper

When sanity quits on you, you go deeper, deeper, 

Deeper down, still clinging 

The string of your red balloon

Even though it abandoned you

Days, weeks, months, years ago!!!

The Power, welcome me to your world!

Embrace me in your unfurled blanket of lies and reassurance!

It is so funny how similar those two are!

Let me go! No! Take me in!

Start it up! Wait! Stop it all!

Stop it all!




Is clinging to a red balloon


Is when that balloon leaves you

With an entity that leads you to believe

That the red balloon never helped you in the first place.


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