Ready For A Fresh Start


resposible and inpendent 

preparing to my own rent 

not afraid of new beginnigs 

keeping my optimstic attutude, I'll never stop grinning 

senior in high school 

working hard not to be another misguided fool

plan to change the whole universe 

will I break the lower middle class curse? 

must not let poverty define me 

determine who I am going to be 

strive for a universtiy 

moving up to the big city 

But I'll remain deduccated and humble 

nothing could make me stumble 

surruended by professionals 

never conventional 

soon to be bussiness admistrator 

catch me later

This poem is about: 


Shannon Moore

This poem is a short but brief look into my life and feelings. This poem displays my goals for the future and my personality. 

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