Read it and Weep


Yeah You’re right.


I so stupidly,

But truly



Allowed the man

Drunk beyond words

To shove his,

His 12-inch, well endowed,

Schlong in my anus

Because I enjoy that type of shit.


I was tapping out

By a man from wherever

As long as it’s the right size

Shit, shove that shit, all the way in

No please, I insist.


Na, don’t be scared,

If I scream, and squirm,

And after a while

Seem to give in

It’s because I love that shit

That shit don’t hurt!


I’m a slut, do with me what you please

Make me thank God for blessing me

With such a miraculous moment

Sodomy, that’s not a sin!

Society got that shit all wrong,,

The shit is great


No no no,

What you doing?

Boy keep going,

You shove that shit right in there

If the condom breaks, don’t sweat it

Some 28 days of hell

With the help of


Will put any and every chance of

Disease, to run its course.


Am I crazy?

Na I’m not crazy

I love being told

How much of a slut

I am, and continuously reminded

Of how much dignity

I don’t have because

Each and every hemmorhoid

I’ve had after you fucked the shit out of me

Is an external reminder of how much

Love and afflection each bitch

In this rape cultured society

Should get, it’s normal!


Law enforcement

Dude, what is that?

Don’t talk that crazy mess

You know 98% of yall

Spiteful, and horny mother fuckers

Ever get put in jail

Don’t even sweat it.


And hey if it makes you feel better,

I’m over the age of 18

Which is significant proof

To assume that I consented

To this type of shit,


Did you want to fuck my pussy now?


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