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So stabilize;

and reach, and fall,
and grip the earth in strife and vain,
and find a fine place to lay the blame,
and writhe again beneath them, who live,
and say you can't live up to them,
and feed a drive that can't satisfy,
and deny the truth shoved in your face,
and ignore the mirror burning holes through your eyes,
and accept the voice on the other side,
and reach, and fall,
and submit again,
and never think you could control your sin,
because you're weak and fragile and frail,
because you think you can deal alone,
because you're wrong and you can't deny,
because you still let that mirror burn holes through your eyes,
because you knew you could never be saved,
because you ignored salvation and dug your own grave,
because you won't listen, you'll crack and you'll crumble,
because you want love but when it's there, you run,
because you're too scared to face your own fate,
because you're pathetic when you turn fright into hate,
because rage never worked for you or anyone else,
because you make things worse when you turn on yourself,

so stabilize, and reach, and fall,
and lose your grip and humor us all,
because you know we don't exist,

so what, then, do you plan to resist?
and the cycle's always plagued you, yes,
because you let it create this mess

so perhaps you're the fine place to lay blame,
and you can writhe beneath those who set you aflame,
because you deserve to lose your mind,

So stabilize; fall back and rewind.


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