He costumed fitted his courage

took a 2nd glance at the reflection

and grinned at his appearance

apparently he sewed his heart onto each end of his sleeves

personally tailored cut his self-esteem


For his confidence was sold at a bargain of the price

divided half of that

and you get a dime a dozen precisely twice

talk is cheap but when your body language

mumbles effortlessly

the tension brings butterflies to your torso


despite his modern dashing persona

his inner palms were getting moist

the apprehensive gentlemen oozed with nervousness

his complexion was strikingly translucent

his dashing exterior was vaguely seducing


I guess it was the jitters that made him

hypnotic-ly stammer

I suppose, he was inching at his glechies

as he robotic-ly stuttered

he lustfully introduced himself to me

and I Romanticly replied


I hid behind my modesty and composure

my posterior was relax when really

my heart was contracting 3xs as fast

he swollen my pride as my limbs became frail

infatuation complements us to the “T” very well


the timid attraction stunned me, as he departed;

I was left feeling “dazed and confused”


as the residue of his fragrance

gracefully danced, in my contemporary imagination

the fabrics he wore, my x-ray vision burned through

the materialistic gentlemen

was excessively concerned with his physical appearance


but It was merely his self-consciousness that

fueled my tempted temptation

the lack of grace in his movements

as his gestures stiffly made him more awkward

I admire his bravery as i enjoyed the strained tension


he projected his vulnerability in a presumptuous manner

if its rejection he fears

then denial is my middle name

I must shun him so he may chase



Very interesting pictures created with words, keep writing!

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