Rats and Snakes

At first the illusion is good and proper, promises a many,

it is hard not to faulter. 

Time ticks by and the terms comes through, wow this is expensive,

but we will make a lot of money too.

Weeks drag by and nothing is said, a call, a meeting, to lay out

what is said.

Confidence abound in these creature before me, words a plenty,

lets just see.

Applying pressure to get the answers we need, throwing paper

trails in the air, to sow a different seed.

Now I am really lost, who is to blame, what is the fuckin cost?

A year has gone by, a lot of time and money spent, no further

forward are we, in this deal to be.

Considering violence, a reaction from me, about being lied too, 

from rat like thee.

A different generation I can see, lacking in decent regularity.

Willing to be a member of HMP, if thats what happens, well fuck

it, lets just see. 

Wisen me up to what is said, snakes out there to eat off my hard 

earned bread.

Plan A, Plan B I am not sure if there is a Plan C. 

One thing for sure I am to go crazy.

Explains my concerns to all of thee, finding a good resolution

to come to me.  Alas, it should end with a good story. 

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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