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I think you and I both know Our souls hail from the same star. We burned together ages ago As our love and light shone far.   But here and now we cannot be Timing is a terrible plight,
Time gives time for time to move on from the things time has put into play in a haste it has placed the time for mistakes the time to erase what was said when you laced into ears into eyes into hearts with your lies we have tried to misplace the d
Every person is born with an empty canvas.   From a young age she showed promise She learned addition and subtraction when she was just 5 years old, Her times table when she was 6.
I rather die... than force myself to sleep. Thinking that everything should be eiditic;
I close my eyes and imagine what I could change, only timing.  Currently a  junior in college and a mother to be for 6 weeks now, I would change timing.  The time it took me to put together a diet and exercise plan for a frtiend, the timing it to
Up in my room Sitting on my bed Alone With these mixed emotions Getting the best of me Thinking Deep thinking About my future If I were to  Die tomorrow All my life
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