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Me and my boo, together today.  Me and my baby, sharing a parfeit.  Soon a question must be asked,  But it's a very daunting task...   Will she like it? Will she agree? 
I was jogging down the road one day imbibing in the sun The sky was clear, the air was sheer as I went on my run.   At intervals I took a break
Come live with me and be my wife And pleasures we will share for life. So here I am down on one knee To show how much you mean to me.  
Here’s a silly poem I came up with. Disclaimer: It is NOT to be taken seriously. I was inspired by a Limerick poem which is meant to be silly and weird. Often times they make little to no sense at all.
She Told me to write about her And these words came to mind, I LOOOOOOOOVE YOOOOOU!!!
I remember when we first met, or when we sent the first textsand how it was so detrimental to you when i first leftI told you babe don't sweat because we'll always be together
Haiku Two people. Boy. Girl. Right knee on the floor. He smiles. Will you marry me?
Love is meeting someone and being completely smitten Treating them so well like a newborn kitten Love is agreeing to go to a volleyball game When the other just thinks it's really lame
  I wish my life away your life is mine I am afraid to say it I hope I am not weird or creppy. For I want to be perfect for you because you are perfect for me.  
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