college debt

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You stand over me and promise to never leave me, but that’s what I hate about you most. The dark purple, almost black ember that surrounds you makes you only that much more haunting.
At 7:30 Every morning, In robotic voices, We pledge our loyalty to our country. Are our voices robotic Because of repetition?
I'm not a real poet. I 'm just a broke college student, Looking for an easy way to get out of debt.   I'm not a real poet. I just want to avoid taking out loans,
All I need is money,  I’m told everyday,  By teachers, parents, everyone,  Just what I need to pay,  To go to school, to get to eat, 
Society tells us a contradicting slew...Stay in school, mind the blues...The window panes are dry-rotting,Whilst the bathroom hasn't been cleaned in days...The smell of marijuana echoes down the hallways...
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