Fri, 02/05/2016 - 15:50 -- lizann

I'm not gonna lie it burns for me to say this

faster than our love apparently you thought we should quit

said you couldn't love me before you love yourself

Your animalistic words shot me and you hung my antlers on your shelf

I was just another fish in the sea for you to eat

Caught my mouth on your hook and watched as it ripped my lips so they'd bleed

And you just feast on the flesh and blood of all your lovers' hearts

I knew your world was dark but the light your love gave me showed me where it starts

Inside of your eyes

Your whole soul cold

you witch

you bitch

you grabbed my arms and tied me up handcuffed me by the wrists

then you ran away with the key

What am I to do now as I watch you leave?

I'm a prisoner trapped in prison your name the warden


It burns now it burns so bad

I can't grasp it I'm going mad

I'm so damn sad

Please come back

Or at least unlock my cuffs and let me get back

to my life before I was arrested


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