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I still think about you every day I see you in the halls your hair is a fiery red now perhaps you've moved on and are flaunting your tenacity you wore converse today so did i
Molly was a little girl Her heart as big as the world she carried life on her shoulders and helped her friends climb over boulders. But when molly reached 17 she began to see
I'm not gonna lie it burns for me to say this faster than our love apparently you thought we should quit said you couldn't love me before you love yourself
I know I said I thought you were the moon but right now you are shining as the sun I cannot sleep because you are there My eyes closed you still burn through The lids and layers of my skin crawling fears
but what if i saw you again would it feel the same way would it be like my life source is back or am i destined to be dead are we destined to be dead i'd hate to think we can't make amends
its been so long and im still not over it we were closer to each other than i ever thought i could get to someone it breaks my heart when i see things that remind me of you but thats everything  everywhere
He told me: "It'll burn like nothing you've ever felt Don't cough or sneeze or do anything but swallow the drip. And you'll feel like a god. I swear you will." So he rolled up the bill
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