I used to think it was my fault
That you didn't care, that you wanted nothing to do with me
I swore too much
I ate too much
I loved too much
I got ridiculed for being "too much"
How could it not come from you too
But at the same time, I wasn't enough
not pretty enough
not smart enough
not tall enough
I was always being told how to live and what standards to live up to
No more. 
I'm done waiting on you to disappoint me
I'm done with you ignoring the problem
I'm done with you barely living up to every low expectation I place on you.
It took me years to realize I,
The girl you called a princess and then locked in a tower
alone and distant from you,
I am not the problem. 
I am strong and worthy
brave and beautiful
caring and astute
Your "little girl" no longer belongs to you
I've fought off the dragons myself 
Your "princess" has turned into a queen. 
I am more than you ever thought I could be. 
But most important, I am free to be me.
And what I am 
is flawless.



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