Pressure, That Brings a Building Down

You apologize for everything—even though it’s not your fault.

And I say it’s okay.

But now that I’m hurt, and I find you at fault

I won’t be “okay”

But that’s all that you want me to say.


So what. Tell me what to do.


Because clearly, I cannot even be a robot with you.

      I cannot express my emotions.

To filter my rage,

All walls ascend

      --NO happy, NO sad, NO pain, NO rage



I cannot be broken,

      Supposedly you need me too much for that.

I cannot React.

      You say I can’t take offense.

                   I can’t yell.

                   I can’t Disagree.


… … … … ….


I cannot identify myself.

--You say that I’m genius.

     I know that I’m gifted.

     I mention possible shortcomings.

--You don’t allow me to try and diagnose.


Back off.

I’m tired and I want my life.


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