A Poem from Jesus


Look all around you and tell me what do you see?

Are people fighting for originality? Or hungry to be like you and me?

This world lacks individuality, imagination and innovation.

People just want to fit in and not become an imitation. 

But little do they know that there is a man who loves all.

A man who came to this Earth to die and was sacrificed on a cross.

His name is Jesus, the son of the living God. 

He performed miracles and wonders and didn't care if you were a "not".

Jesus saves and that's what this generation must see.

Stop wondering on who is judging you, open the Bible and read.

The truth is laying in your very hands.

So get out and do something about it, make big plans.

Your future awaits you, be a disciple.

So go out and make yourself, your own title.


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