Please..Don't Go

This is exactly what
I didn't want to happen
You and me, fighting
I guess I knew, deep down inside
We'd end in flames
Not that I want that,
But that's were we're headed
Unless we can do something
Before it's too late
Please, don't go
Don't leave me here alone
Don't let this be the end
Please, save me from myself
This shouldn't be happening
After 7 months, you'd think we were good
But why now?
Why do I feel like we're drifting apart?
Like this is the end?
Has the distance finally gotten to us?
Is this too much?
I don't want to have 
A separate "me",
a separate "you".
Can't we try, 
One more time,
To rewind to the way we were,
In the beginning?
Please, don't go.


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