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If I told you that you're beautiful
Right here, right now, forever
Would you believe me?

What does it take to prove a "lie" is the truth
When that's all its been in the end
Tell me
Tell me
Let me make you believe that you're beautiful

If I changed out all your mirrors
cleared the posters in your head
It'd be written in love for you
Right there in front of you

The words that make you blush
That make you want to cover up
I know I'll never fully understand but I want to
Just let me take the bullet for you

It's a battle of hearts
Mine against yours
Tell me
Help me
Let me change your mind

If you were me and I was you
Just for a day
Tell me
Help me
Let you see through my eyes

Please let me take you out of your skin
This isn't you
Your answer's not an empty stomach
Your rescue's not a magic number

You're my shooting start
And shooting starts aren't perfect
But they still take my breath away without fail

You can take these words and toss them to the gutters
But I can't hold it in anymore

Dear Katie, you're beautiful
Please, precious, you're beautiful
I love you, you're beautiful
Believe me, you're beautiful
Open you eyes, you're beautiful
I know you're beautiful
Never doubt that you're beautiful


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