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A fresh page. The reinvention Of a long underappreciated discipline. Empty miles; A blank key; No cardinal in sight.
The Girl Who Was Also a Map   It was winter when I first met her I did not quite realize what she was Because of the cold, she was covered and concealed.  
Nerd. What use is knowing the capitals of the UK, France, Russia and Spain? Or knowing where the heck is China, Peru, or Bahrain? You suck at science and geometry, The one thing you're good at? Geography?
Silver ribbon Assiniboinea sash for a city--a ceinture fléchéetied into the Red just off Highway 1          You leak into the topsoil           in the place you call home          and come back up a street map
  If I could change anything in the world I’d flip the map upside down. I’d put the southern hemisphere at the top of the map, And the northern hemisphere at the bottom.  
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