Pay no attention to the girl behind the curtain, no one ever does


Day by day boisterous people walk my way

I sit in classrooms with people who speak their minds

Their confidence is so high they don't care what they say

Oh how I wish I could be the same way

I feel like a little girl trapped in a tower so far away

I'm left sitting in silence watching my peers as they play

But oh, how I have so much to say

Around friends I am funny, a true comedian

My family can't keep me from talking, There's no how no way

But to others I seem quiet with nothing to say

"Sssh, just keep quiet they'll judge you!"

"Sssh, just keep quiet they'll shun you!"

I toss and I turn and I burn on the inside

I scream and I wonder, how much longer must I hide

But I'm afraid I fear criticism with their judgmental minds

Slick and sly gazes coming from their slick and sly eyes

Their grins hiding jokes and secrets within like a locked door

And somehow it seems  like I'm the only one who can't get in 

So I'll just let them walk pass me

Do I care?

They,ve never asked me

I'll just keep to my self and let them judge

Just pay no attention to the girl behind the curtain, nobody does.



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