I've learned to eat cold pizza

I've learned to eat mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes, and I no longer eat all the individual parts of my salad separately

Something I never thought possible


I'm learning how not to clean my whole house in one go 

And how to leave laundry unfolded in the dryer 

Or let the dishes sit in the sink to the next day


See, the thing about learning is that it requires unlearning


I no longer turn on the lights in every room when I'm home alone

I no longer count the days I wear each set of clothes before I change them, and I let myself put on something that feels good

The words I say to myself in the mirror are getting kinder by the day


I always thought I could do anything I set my mind to

Until someone told me I couldn't

I'm unlearning that as well


It might take me a little while longer to change my pattern

But I'm getting there

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