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I've learned to eat cold pizza I've learned to eat mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes, and I no longer eat all the individual parts of my salad separately Something I never thought possible  
10 years old is for cars  for tire swings, spelling bees, and candybars  10 years old is not for hospital lobbies not for scans of imperfect bodies  you’re different, but that’s fine, they said
I watched it before I didn’t speak You let it happen to me I couldn’t speak I couldn’t stand up for myself The taste of being ignored Behind a locked door Was an abuse that became too familiar
Anxious about being
Through my own special needs I have been able To perform good deeds Because of my life As a musician I can now live For God in submission   Through years of therapy
There are some things I cannot say with words So rather than write a poem I'll pick up another face Except this time, When I sew it on I'll leave a corner unstitched.  
  Another world inside of me That no one else will ever see Mostly it is comforting But in the dark where no one sees It's actually quite lonely..
Why is it so hard? Why can't I get this right? I don't want to be treated differently. Why do I even try?   I try to talk, but no one gives me a chance. I try to be nice, but just one wrong glance
I didn't understand why girls would cry because their bodies never mesmerized a boy's eyes I didn't understand why the wrists were slit on my friends thin arms
I, ego, none of these is YOU ARE WHAT I SAY cogito ergo sum, NO Multi ergo sunt
Are my abilities worth enough to compensate for my shortcomings? I can develop a new language or an alphabet in an hour or two but I can hardly make a phone call without having a breakdown.
With Aspergers, it's a bit tough. There's problems that make you think you've had  enough. From the loud noise to lighting so bright, When you can't handle it all, you are forced to fight.
I have gifts and curses of every kind I feel like sometimes  the cause makes me blind This mental possision gives me a good amount of gifts
Being an aspie can be a source of misery or a source of pride, it’s all in the bearer’s perception. “What’s an aspie?” you might ask. It’s a term for someone who bears the rigorous condition of aspergers.
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