I felt you weeping today. 
As you listen to the song

      that life has given you to play....


The colors of the day

      have gone from bright yellow, pale blue and pink. 
Now you sit and wonder what to think.

Your days become long nights. 
Dark shadows, grays and muddy whites....


A long and winding road stands before you. 

With darkness and pain you never knew.

Empty and lonely. 
But know I'm here for you only.

To hold you beneath the pale moonlight. 
And kiss your cheek all through the night....


Papa's mortality nears.
Your heart embraces the inevitable tears. 
It's life's passage 
Unavoidable baggage....


Love travels from here to eternity. 
What is left behind to embrace

      are memories and serenity....

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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