Our New Reality

we say ignorance is bliss

hatred, intolerance, and greed are the trifecta of our society

do you see it?


news anchors deliver breaking news: a pop star got married yesterday

we listen eagerly, absorbing every detail

news anchors report homelessness is on the rise, and a child was abducted nearby

we flick the tv off

after all, we have our own lives to deal with


a new reality show premiered last week

five million people tuned in to peek into another's life at 10pm sharp

responsibilities ignored, we'll make time for them later

11pm news flooded onto screens an hour later

a charity event benefitting a children's hospital was announced 

we flicked the tv off

we don't have the time


in the morning we share a picture on facebook of a starving child

"one share equals one prayer"

during an afternoon in the grocery store the cashier holds a transparent jar

"one dollar can provide this child clean water"

we stare at the picture of a helpless child

the words, "i already donated" spill from our mouths

as we walk out of the store, a pang of guilt is felt

the guilt quickly disappears as we think back to this morning

thank goodness one share equaled one prayer

that's close enough, right?


we read the latest addition of our favorite magazine

the first article is about body positivity

life mottos are sprinkled throughout

"love yourself!"

"beauty has no weight requirement!"

we skim the rest of the issue, and another part catches our eyes

"best and worst beach bodies!"

"look at the cellulite on this hollywood star!"

"i can't believe she would leave the house looking like that!"

which article will you show your friends?


tears flow as news of a recent teenage suicide spreads through town

"society is so cruel"

"treat others how you would like to be treated"

for a week we choose our words carefully

for a week we are sensitive

but this cloud of compassion soon drifts away and we are back to our old ways

the usual storm of judgement and negativity returns

gossip rolls in like thunder and dirty looks flash like lightening

how many lives must be lost before the storm clears for good?


we teach our children about the plagues that killed our ancestors

but we don't realize what is happening in our own society

a problem is spreading; the wrong state of mind

we have discarded compassion and replaced it with indifference 

we have forgotten how to help others when it does not benefit ourselves

we have turned a blind eye to the struggles of our neighbors

they fall and ask for a helping hand

are you willing to get your hand dirty for someone who can't repay you?


will you pretend they're not standing next to you screaming for help?

because ignorance is bliss, right?






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