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The glossy magazine In the library  Is screaming.   Cheekbones! Makeup! Perfection! Pretension!   Be fake! Be beautiful! Be loved! Be sexy!  
Carefully, she wraps herself in her very own, invisible cloak, one just like how Harry Potter had except not quite For only the innermost layer of her being is hidden, the one she’d only show when she was at home
we say ignorance is bliss hatred, intolerance, and greed are the trifecta of our society do you see it?   news anchors deliver breaking news: a pop star got married yesterday
  Look at those girls in the magazine!
You take one voice
Looking in the mirror  Hoping to see clearer. All I see is bad, It's making me mad. I have to put on makeup, Right when I wakeup. Im trying to reach perfection
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