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Frantically trying to swallow away the double knot you left in my vocal cords This, my beautiful award, for craving the abuse you effortlessly enforced.  Mercilessly invading every independent thought
Staring at this screen, Cracked. Broken. Barely working. This is love. This feeling of emptiness, my finger, a heavy brick on one word: send, this is love. This vacant lot of self-respect,
The Head is a circle, it’s a box. It’s a wagon wheel driven with endless talks. Space, time, actions; Thoughts, emotions, and reactions; Cluster, fuse, collide and burn…
I'm in a cage with nowhere to go I'm screamng for freedom But people just stare They look at me with hatred Like I' lucky.. When THEY are the lucky ones!   To break free
It doesn't matter what you say, It doesn't matter what you call me, I will continue on. You can't control me, and I don't need you, I will continue on. You're through with me?
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