The Only One Right

The way the words flow from your lips,
almost as if you remembered our kiss.
Those long nights flew by,
yet you're the only one who felt right.
The coldness had drifted in,
but you were there to warm me again,
wrapped in your arms was like a song,
beautiful and never wrong.
But like them all your time had come,
it was useless to convince myself,
never ending sorrow followed in your wake,
the lyrics held empty meanings and thoughtless breaks.
Your smile had always been a delight,
but now I find it a crime.
Happiness was torn from my grasp,
your hands held it high.
When its quiet on these lonely nights,
I can hear the lyrics on the inside of my mind,
but the beauty you had created was missing,
and my heart had broke at the sound.
Now when I feel that kiss in my memory,
my lips twitch into a small smile,
hiding away the pain your leaving made,
I have yet to move on and forget.
Our souls are only seeking for someone to love,
our hearts are broken with the results,
and our mind simply laughs,
leaving us all reckless and blind. 
But in the end,
you were the only one right,
the only one who was worth the fight. 
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