One of a Kind

Thu, 11/27/2014 - 01:37 -- vspence


You remember the night we met?

I wasn't 18 yet.

You said felt like you knew me

And how next to me you felt so groovy.


The second I saw you

I knew you were the one.

I was hooked to the attention.

I love you did I mention?


You weren't yet mine,

But I had you on my mind.

I wasn't really aware

Of your smile that was so fair.


We danced under the stars.

I felt like I was on Mars.

You leaned over and kissed me.

Oh how I felt so dizzy.


We went over to your place.

We ran like it was a race. Your girlfriend stepped out of the house.

Boy, you was quiet as a mouse.


I said, "Who is this?"

You said, "Someone I missed."

I said, "Who was I?"

You said, "Someone I wish would die."


Why did I think I was someone special?

Him and my heart tumbled and wrestled.

On that night I knew

That it was you I would always rue.


My heart pounded so loudly

While everyone slept so soundly.

When I left I couldn't get you off my mind

Because I thought you were one of a kind.


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