The One That Got Away


I feel entirely empty, so lost & distant;
You leave me nothing, but a reminiscent;

I hear your name and my heart skips beats;
I try to cope, but always experience defeat;

I never thought I would become so attached;
The only thing I wait for now is an inevitable heart attack;

Sometimes I feel like I'm meant to suffer;
Because nothing hurts worse than losing a significant other;

I will always love you, even when my world crumbles;
I've made it this far, so I don't think it'll be much trouble;

I know you think the worst of me for the things I've said;
But they're just words, nothing like the feelings I've bled;

One day you'll understand, but I fear it'll be too late;
For I will have moved on, but I'll always remember, even the first date;

I love you and wish you the best;
I pray you feel the same, so I can put my mind to rest;




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