One Fateful Autumn Day

This is the story of a young boy

And the bullies who fought agaist him

They kicked, punched, broke his toys

Until one of them met a bitter end


He was walking to his school the long way

But despite his efforts, they found him still

He yelled as he ran, "Not today!"

Unfortuntely, they still caught him against his will


They pushed him down, kicked him till he bled

Poor boy, he never stood a chance at all

They laughed and he wished they all were dead

But little did they know, what would happen next fall


The kids went to school on time like everyday

The boy couldn't walk, but he tried to find his way home

Behind him, the sidewalk changed into red instead of gray

"Why won't they just leave me alone?"


He came home late, he found a way to hide the scars

He came inside, hid from his dad like always

"Mom, why do you have to be somewhere so far?

"Doesn't matter, I wouldn't be worth it anyways."


The days went by and by,

He got weaker and weaker as they did

If anyone asked about it he would just lie

But it was down a steep hill his mental state slid


What made the target grow so big?

Those bullies didn't have a clue

That their words were the shovel to the boy's grave, dig dig

Deep down, they knew what they were doing, they knew


So one fateful autumn day

The boy bought some rope

And his dad came in and looked at what may

A single note lie upon his bed


"Dear dad, I hope this encourages you to open your eyes

"Put down the bottle, it only clouds your thoughts

"You do have a problem, a child could see through your lies

"But I don't hate you, even though I 'ought"


"And to the bullies who caused this,

"Hopefully, you watch your words next time you speak

"Maybe if you had just list-

"No, I won't write in anger, anger can make you weak"


"We might meet again,

"Perhaps another day in another life,

"We could be friends,

"Or it could be you on the other side of the knife"


"But I hope you carry this with you wherever you go

"It was your stupidity that formed my demons

"They've been set free, now that you know

"Set free to follow you, I hope you enjoy karma's treatment"


(Image and poem credits to myself)

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