An ode from a soul unheard!


I wish I could tell you then, how much I really love you.

You became less important, as my love for others grew.

You are a true gift, a blessing indeed; I wish I knew that then

How could I do this to you? Why did I not think of you then?


If I’d told you that I love you, things would’ve been different.

There wouldn’t have been a cruel newspaper announcement,

telling the world that, here goes another young life unheard.

You wouldn’t have been lying in that coffin, cold and unstirred.


I was in pain, I was angry; with the world I was very distressed.

In that intense moment of grief I don’t know how I simply missed,

thinking about the little treasures, pleasures I did have in my life.

I forgot that in experiencing living, there is joy, peace, pain and strife.


Alas! Death seemed an instant end to all my worries and troubles.

I didn’t pause to even remember sunshine and tiny soap bubbles.

I miss hearing the sound of a bird chirping and a puppy’s whine,

the giggle of a child and the heartbeat I heard and knew was mine.

I miss the aroma and the taste of delicious fresh baked bread.

The love I had of sleeping like a child tucked in my warm bed


 I miss colors; I miss flowers and dewdrops on the green grass.

In pain I cried and just waited in vain for the storms to pass

I wish rather than waiting, I’d taught myself to dance in the rain.

I miss music and listening to songs that could ease my pain.


It’s dark here, I see nothing, I hear nothing and I do not exist

I killed you, i killed me, and myself imagining that there was an exit

It’s a void, deep, dark, it is vacuum, there’s absolutely nothing here

the pain, the problem and the regrets will never really disappear.

If only I had loved me more than anything or anybody

I wouldn't have been today a cold,dead, lifeless body.


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