An Ode To Past Loves


United States
33° 15' 15.912" N, 111° 32' 5.6616" W
United States
33° 15' 15.912" N, 111° 32' 5.6616" W

How many times have I fallen,

Only to fall apon the floor.

How many times have I given my heart,

Only to have someone slam the door.

My heart now covered in scars,

Has grown tougher then is has ever been.

I have become more cautious,

Because of all the pain I have seen.

Yet, I still give my all,

I still put my soul on the line.

I still hope for the best,

When i give away this heart of mine.

For though I have been hurt,

I can't give up on love.

Because every moment in a lovers arms,

Is truly a gift from above.

So stand again, vicitms of heartache!

For there is no reason to dread!

It may have been ended for before,

But think of the loving words still unsaid!

They were not to be,

But I can promise you this,

Loving another person,

Is an opportunity no one should miss.

So pick up your heart,

Bandage the wounds,

Prepare for the next one,

Because love always proves,

There is another whose better,

And nothing to lose!


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