not your little girl

How could you?

You left us when I was eleven

You just walked out

Said it was over.

It's been five years

You still haven't changed dad

It's bullshit to think you would.

To think that you would stop saying mean things to mom,

That you would stop making me cry.

You walked out when I needed you most

All I wanted was to not grow up in a broken home,

But you couldn't even get me that.

I can't see you anymore,

I'm tired of being replaced by your

New little girls.



This hits close to home. My parents divorced  year after I moved from my grandparents' to live with them. My dad and brother moved out. I was six. I woke up to see them leave on that bright summer morning. My mom has remarried and I have 2 half-sisters who I love as if they were my own children, but I do get replaced by them sometimes. It's even more ocmplicated now with me and my dad not having a realtionship but I am being forced to ask my dad for money for college and use his information to get me financial aid. I don't hope for a realtionship between us anymore. He made it clear all those years of silence. 

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