Not King, nor Queen


The crown held high upon my head

The pain I feel in my heart as I look out 

The Kingdom before me filled with dread

I hear a man in the crowd shout


"Where is our Queen?"


I pull the cape around myself to hide from their stare

I no longer wear the dress of women

The pain it caused was near too much to bear

I do not don the attire of men


"Where is our King?"


My life is filled with lies

I have begged for forgiveness, for a reason why

My body is not my own at most times

I wanted to stay female, to stay male, but it was useless to try


"What is this thing?"


I am not male, nor am I female

I do not love my body either way

I knew for a fact I was neither, I knew without fail

I had tried to keep this revelation at bay


I am not a thing

I am not a King

I am not a Queen


Accept me for who I have become

Or accept me not at all

I am the ruler, not King nor Queen, of my Kingdom 

Accept me or the Kingdom of my mind shall fall


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