NO. I Can't Stop Loving You.

Sun, 07/28/2013 - 10:13 -- sraviig

I spent all day crying over you again. 
I can’t stop it hurts so much. 
So maybe you don’t love me as much as I love you.

But it's so hard.
It's so hard to love someone who used to love you. 
It's so hard to think that I'll never see you again.
It's so hard.
To spend every moment of the day thinking about the person you were.
I love you so much. 

Why can’t you just come back to me ? 
Everything is so hard.

I hate myself . I hate everything about me. 
I hate how this is all my fault . I hate how I ruined everything.
Why can't I do anything right?
I'm better off dead aren't I? 
Cause all I do is upset everyone around me.
I'm not worth it.
I'm just a useless, depressed girl.



I deffinatley felt the emotion running through this poem. It was beautiful. Though I hope that you realize that you aren't useless. Depression is a rough thing to deal with but look at the creative way you're dealing with it! Props to you, girl! 


do not let this define you. For right now, yes, you are sad.  And being sad is okay. Loving someone who doesn't love you is saddening and if you weren't sad, you wouldn't be human.  But I need you to get up in the morning. I need you to take long showers and sing while you do so.  I need you to read lots of books and watch movies that make you laugh. Watch sitcoms and movies where the animals talk. Eat junk food and then go for a jog. clean your room. You feel sad and that is okay. But do not become sadness. Do not let sadness become too comfortable in your heart and in  your head, it is only a temporary visitor. You are too beautiful to become sadness. 

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