A Nikita

You slap me, hit me, and rape me like a hound.

Do you think I am your toy? Am I your pet you can treat in any manner you wish?

You put me to run around the fields in the snow, the heat, and the thunderstorms.

And yet, you say you love me. Why?


You smoke your cigar- acrid smelling really- in front of me.

You say I am scum, rubbish, a bastard in your eyes.

Am I really? Do you treat me so lowly because you hate me or because you love me too much to think straight?


You play your piano-di-di-di-ding-“play” you say.

I do not wish to play for I know not how to.

No one says a word- the blue and purple bruises do show- yet you lie.

I cry and you insult me even more. Can you cease to be?

My dreams have deflated like a child’s balloon.


My tears fall to the floor as I seek help-none.

Does no one hear my cries? I am alone as you hurt me with your words.

They sting and cut through my heart as you plaster my ugly face all over town.

No one wants me, enjoys the sound of my name because of you- you fiend.


But there, somewhere in the vast horizon lies a special place for you.

I will be content if you please do go; I will do no harm to you.

I am much too high in standards to stoop to your level.

My friend your words can only say so much- ‘til they come crashing down like falling plates in a melodrama.

Come after me if you wish-I will not cringe- come hither.


The piano plays- didididi-dididididi-dong.

They take you away- freedom.

I cry with joy as they cuff you- drag you into the special place for people like you.

The bully you were has ceased to be, but others like you will come.

Fiends all alike in manner, theology, and build.

But I- A Nikita- will be there to set them all free.



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